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RedParadoxin's MSC Application Empty RedParadoxin's MSC Application

Post  RedParadoxin on Sun Mar 17, 2013 10:41 am

Full Name: Victoria Winters.
Citizen ID: #18225.
Loyalist Card Level: None.
Hair Color: Malibu blonde.
Eye Color: Clear blue.
Height: 5'8"/172.6cm.
Age: 27.
Race: Fair white/lightly tanned.
Gender: Female.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.

1. Do you have any notable injuries which may need to be corrected?
No, I have no injuries that may need to be corrected at this given time.

2. Do you have any notable allergies which may need to be noted?
I'm allergic to products which contain/made out of latex.

3. Do you have higher education in any subject?
I went to medical school, I took some courses and I'm a trained professional in first-aid. I have basic medical knowledge. I've also taken GCSE's in Mathematics and Science/Biology.

4. What division are you looking to join? Why?
I'm looking to join the NOVA division as from information gathered it's the medical division. I've taken higher education and courses related to Biology and medicine. I think I have the skills required to join this division. It will also help me develop my skills in the art of medicine, so on and so forth.

5. Did any unit inspire you to join the MSC?
Yes, I was inspired to apply for the MSC by the unit MSC.C17.NOVA-OfC.821.

6. Have you been reprimanded for any crimes? If so, explain.
No, I have not been sanctioned/reprimanded for any crimes against the Universal Union.

7. Do you currently have a business permit or are you employed in the CWU?
No, I'm not within the CWU and I do not have a business permit.

If I, Victoria Winters, am accepted into the Metropolitan Sociostability Control, I swear to uphold the laws of the city, follow the orders of my Commanding Officers, and to protect them and my Administrator with my life. If I, Victoria Winters, I understand that action will be taken against me, and I will accept any punishment given to my by the powers above me. I view that any crimes that I conduct, assist, or otherwise participate in, will result in my termination on the Metropolitan Sociostability Control, and possibly off-world relocation.

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RedParadoxin's MSC Application Empty Re: RedParadoxin's MSC Application

Post  Forester155 on Sun Mar 17, 2013 1:32 pm

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Logged in!
Welcome back, Unit 826.

Application Executed:

Application Response Status:

Note TBD: Congratulations! You've been considered for admission into the Metropolitian Socoiostability Control Force! Speak to your local MSC Officer for enlistment today!

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