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Occupational Situation Applications Empty Occupational Situation Applications

Post  Forester155 on Sun Feb 17, 2013 10:37 am

What is an Occupational Situation Application? Well, that's just a fancy word for an application for an in-character skill.These can only be applied to one character at a time. Please use the following format, or face rejection!

Character Name:

Steam Name:

Steam ID:

Skill in Question:

Back story of Skill Acquisiton(At least 4 paragraphs, five sentances long. Include Roleplay examples, if you can):

Roleplay Examples (One per skill, at least 5 lines each. The more the merrier):

Extra Expansion (Tell us even more about your skill. This question is optional, be as detailed as you'd like):

Other Comments:

PROTIP: Detail your backstory. Adding simply that your character "Went to college at cornell" isn't enough. Try to detail a days work for him. Was he a partier? Or a book worm?

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