Admin and Player Disrespect: An Explination

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Admin and Player Disrespect: An Explination Empty Admin and Player Disrespect: An Explination

Post  Forester155 on Fri Feb 22, 2013 12:27 pm

Admin and Player Disrespect is defined as, the act of speaking negitavley towards, or disobeying either of the parties.

Although players cannot 'order' players around, This is NOT the place to bring it. If you're having power issues, speak to an active administrator. They will work it out.
Situations here are usually of a lesser nature in regards to punishment. Although there are exceptions, understand this: If you feel a player has crossed a major line (I'm talking EXTREMELY bad), do not make a complaint here. Speak to an admin.
Tell half truths.

Include a copy of the logs, if in text.
If you're unsure where to put something, put it here.
Cite all counts of rule breaching that you see.
Include a tl;dr if your logs are over 250 words.
Highlight important notes.

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