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Character Transfer Application Empty Character Transfer Application

Post  Forester155 on Sun Feb 17, 2013 11:20 am

We HIGHLY suggest you read the FAQ before posting this. If this is your first week here, we also suggest you get to know the admins better. This will speed up the process, and make every ones lives easier.

Characters Name:

Steam Name:

Steam ID:

Community of Origin:

Character Backstory OR Refrence Material of Choice (backstories from other forums, auth apps on other forums, etcetera):

Player Refrences from Community of Origin (At least Two)

Player Refrences from Mobius Roleplay (Optional, please, no unknowns)

Further Data (Authorization Apps, Splended Roleplay examples, any IC information, Screenshots of token balance and inventory, etcetera)

Civil Protection (Non UU Rank) Only

City Transfer Form-0b826

City of Destination
Metroplex 17
City of Origin:
Unit Callout:
Unit Division:
Unit Rank:
Special Skills:
Choose one-
Temporary or Permanent Transfer?
Requested Divsion of Transfer:
Farmilirization with Metroplex upon arrival?:

Citizens Only
Citizen transfer Form
Citizen Name:
Citizen ID Number:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Reason for Transfer?:
Loyalist Status:
Loyalist Points:
Current Token Balance:
Have you ever committed a crime against the Union?
Yes or No?
If Yes, Explain: _____________________________

If you are civil protection of UU rank, speak to an admin directly about paying the Metroplex a visit.

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