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Post  Forester155 on Sun Feb 17, 2013 10:58 am

How Does this work?
It's simple, really. Why do people not want to switch to a new HL2RP server? They'd miss their old characters. We sympathize, and if you like mobius, we want you to bring your favorite characters here! Simply fill out the format, and give it time.

Why does it take so damn long?
Well, we don't know you. Yet. Especially for MSC character transfers, we need to do background checks. References are being contacted, Sectorials communicated with. Give it time, and be paitent. Transfer applications can take anywhere from two days, to a month, but on average take about a week to go through the system. This all depends on how well we, as an administrative team, know you. Which is why we highly suggest you get to know the administrators, and the server, before you apply for Character Transfer.

What if my Character has contraband?
Unfortunately, we can't refund your guns, radios, and anything else. We'll refund tokens, up to 500, with screenshot proof. Remember, your citizen has been transferred by Overwatch. If you tried to smuggle your nine-mil onto the train, you'd be gun down before you could say "Shit forgot about that!" And no, you can't cram it up your butt hole. C'mon guys, we'ere not cocaine smugglers here.

What about the timeframe? Your server is alot earlier/later than my server.
Everything is technical. Sadly, we can't have your character roleplaying as younger. That creates a big fat mess of backstory entanglment. Then you try to use that to your advantage on other servers, than they come to us complaining about you, and its a vicious cycle. Therefore, no matter your characters age or time-line, your story continues from the point you left it upon transfer to glorious Metroplex Seventeen. Think of your character as having gone through a time warp, that he or she doesn't remember, or notice. Sorry guys, it's the only to prevent massive complication.

What happens if I get accepted?
Speak to an admin. Have any and all important information ready before hand, including a link to your accepted topic. If that's so, he'll grant you the appropriate white lists, and items/tokens if need-be.

What about my in character skills?
Include a copy of the Auth-App in your transfer application, if your accepted, by default those authorizations are accepted too. If you didn't include an Auth-App, than you'll just have to make one with us, at a later date.

What about my in character items?
See above. If they're illegal, than you can't really have them. Overwatch would've stolen them, and executed you.

Can I roleplay my character on this server, and on another server?
We'd ask you to not. Theoretically, we can't watch everybody, and therefore cases of this will happen. Punishemnt for dual-character roleplay (Being in two places at once) is a week-long server ban, and a permanent faction ban from that faction.

What if I want to switch back and forth between your server, and another server?
That's perfectly fine, we're just going to have to ask you to NOT be in two places at once. The character doesn't have to be band, you just need to ICly not be in the city, if you're playing another server. (This isn't easy to acheive for citizens or low ranking CPs. High Command and UU Units should have no problems, though)

Is there anything else I need to know?
Welcome to mobius! Enjoy your stay! Oh, and do have fun. As serious roleplay as we are, we're not here to bitch at you. If you have a problem, feel absolutely free to approach an admin of any rank. We're here to help!

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